Growth Groups For Adults

Whether single or married, new to the faith or a mature Christian, young or old, we have a class that will make you feel loved and welcomed. We believe that God's Word is relevant to our everyday life. It's good for the young and the old. Come and see for yourself!


Next Steps Singles Class

Christian young adults face challenges today like never before. In order to face these challenges properly, we must be firmly grounded in God's Word and apply its principles to our lives. The Next Step Singles Group is designed to allow Christian young adults to deepen their knowledge of God's Word and connect with fellow believers. It is our desire to see every Christian young adult living for the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Brother Nathan teaches the Next Step Singles Group and has been doing so since March 2016. Nathan grew up at Bethel and has been faithfully serving here since he trusted Christ as a teenager. As a graduate of Bible College, Brother Nathan is very gifted in teaching and preaching the Bible. You will be encouraged and challenged when you hear Nathan speak.


Nathan Tech

Group Leader

cross pointe

Cross Pointe Couples Group

The first institution God created was Marriage. There is, therefore, no one better to go to for encouragement and effective principles for your marriage than the Lord! As Christians, our marriages are guaranteed to be under attack. How we respond to these attacks is vital. Leading a family, either a husband and wife, or if that includes young children as well, is done best by following the principles outlined in God's Word. The Cross Pointe Couples Group hones in on these principles to help strengthen young marriages and families.

Pastor Brian Cooper has taught the Cross Pointe Couples Group, since it began, in March 2016. He and his wife, Eja have been married since 1998. His love for the Lord and His Word, along with his His passion for the Christian home and marriage is evident in the lessons he prepares every week.  You and your spouse will be encouraged in the Lord through this class.


Pastor Brian & Eja Cooper

Group Leaders


Foundations For Families

As Christians, it is important that we be grounded in what we believe and know why we believe it. No structure can stand without a strong foundation. Every Christian should have the strong foundation that the Bible gives. In this group you will get just that. It has been designed to help believers understand God's Word and how to live the Christian life. Many of the students in the group are parents, so they can take these lessons and apply them to their homes and families.

Brother Nick Shwayri teaches the Foundations Group and has been doing so for the last six years. He has been involved in teaching the Bible for the past 20+ years. He is originally from the country of Lebanon where he served the Lord faithfully in a church. You will be blessed to sit and learn under Brother Nick.


Nick & Nayla Shwayri

Group Leaders


Heritage Bible Class

As Christians, we have a great heritage, and we are adding to that heritage when we teach our children and grandchildren the truths of the Bible. This world needs Christians who know God and know His Word. In the Heritage Bible Class you will receive instruction and inspiration from the Word of God that will help you leave a heritage for those behind you.

Brother Tom Hill is the teacher of the Heritage Bible Class. He has taught this class for the past eight years and has been teaching the Bible at Bethel for the past 18 years. He attended Tennessee Temple University and has more than 25 years of teaching experience.  You will enjoy attending the Heritage Bible Class.

Tom & Chrissie Hill

Group Leaders

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits Ladies Class

There is a legitimate need for examples of Christan womanhood in today's society. Single ladies need the Lord's instruction as they navigate through life. Life has many hurdles, how we respond to them is important not only for us but also for those that come behind us. In the Kindred Spirits Ladies Class, ladies of all ages will be taught from the Bible how to navigate through life's difficulties as a Christian should.

Mrs. Lynette Cooper (the faithful wife of the late Pastor Carlton Cooper) has served the Lord faithfully for more than 50 years. She has a real connection with ladies in this stage of their lives and takes great interest in edifying them with Scripture and applicable Bible lessons. As you attend, you will come to love the Kindred Spirits Ladies Class.


Lynette Cooper

Group Leader

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