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6th - 8th Grade

When young people step into high school, they are stepping into a transition zone. They are growing out of some of their childhood tendencies and habits, but they aren't quite yet ready for the increased responsibility and struggles that high schoolers face. Their hearts are impressionable during this period. The Student Ministries at Bethel does not forget or neglect young people in this phase. In class, we address rising issues in their lives at school and abroad while also instructing them in God's Word for their daily living.

9th - 12th Grade get one chance! No u-turns, no mulligans, no re-tries! This is why the Youth Ministries of Bethel Baptist Church are committed to giving young people, from all walks of life, the opportunity to be a success in the eyes of the Lord while having a good time with activities and camps along the way. The youth of today are making decisions that will impact generations to come! These people called teenagers will one day be called leaders.


Teen Visitation

Teen Visitation is a great way to give young people the opportunity to see the need of this world. Every Saturday at 10 AM, young people will meet for prayer and be challenged to take the gospel of Jesus Christ out to those who have never heard. We believe that young people should be acquainted with sharing what they believe and who they represent with this world, and this ministry is a great avenue to do just that. Parents, we encourage you to encourage your teenager to get involved. Jesus used a little lad's lunch to feed 5,000 people, and He can use your teenager as well.

Youth Choir

Most young people want to serve the Lord. One of the avenues we provide for our young people is our Youth Choir. In this ministry your teenager will have the opportunity to sing in church with the teen choir, minister in the local nursing home, get connected with the elderly within the church, and assemble care packages for military and those in need. We challenge you to encourage your young person to get involved in the youth choir ministry. It could make a great impact on their future.


The Youth Ministry of Bethel Baptist is focused on the whole family! Parenting teens can be incredibly difficult at times. We aim to help through these difficult times. We aim to provide parental meetings to provide encouragement, helpful insight, and biblical instruction.

If there is a specific question or problem you face as the parent of a teenager, please call us at (912)756-3324, and we would be happy to do our best to help.

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